• Have you considered expanding your business to Brazil?
  • Wondered if your products and or services would be​ a good fit for the Brazilian Market?
  • Did not investigate further because you may have heard how bureaucratic and complex entry to the market is?​

We can help you unravel the puzzle of establishing your business in Brazil

Williams & Associates Consulting has many established business associates within Brazil who have decades of experience in conducting business in Latin America.​​

What we can provide?

  • Determining Product / Service requirements needs for existing / new markets
  • Establishing new channels to market
  • Access to new business partners
  • Recruitment
  • Logistics
  • Work Permits


Many International companies have discovered that conducting business in Brazil can be extremely rewarding however dealing with the bureaucracy especially for companies just entering into the Brazilian market space can be enormously challenging, tedious and time consuming.

Want to expand your business into Brazil?


Destination Brazil

  • Getting your company registered with companies including Petrobras
  • Establishing your company as a legal entity
  • Introductions to financial institutions
  • Conducting market analysis assessments
  • Creating brand awareness within existing / new markets
  • Introducing existing Products / Services to existing / new markets